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VP Finance Director for WINTER 2022

The position requires you to work with VP Finance for three months. The position will give you a flexibility of working styles. The main responsibilities are, 1) Join the meeting, 2) Taking minutes, 3) Updating the committee members. The winter time, the committee delegates their time to 1) Budgets and 2) Students Funding Program.

Send your resume to 



The Enactus Acadia Executive applications are now open!

What is Enactus?

We use social entrepreneurship to solve community problems and make a difference – we are all about creating positive change and having fun while doing so.

We are looking for a variety of students from all faculties, backgrounds and walks of life – diversity is our strength!


You can see a bit more of what we do by checking out this quick video!

If you are interested in learning more about Enactus as an organization, you can also check out this link.

If you are interested in becoming a general member, please email enactus@acadiau.ca


Seeking those who have an interest in writing game recaps

Searching for those who know the following sports well enough to write a recap of a home game using a CP (Canadian Press) style guide. Looking for basketball, swimming and volleyball recap writers. A great way to sharpen your writing skills and get paid for it.

Willing to learn and give it a try?


Send along a note on your sport of interest and why at



Food Production Staff 

The Axe Bar & Grill and Perkins Bistro are looking new staff to work with. Specifically looking for students available during daytime hours. Please reach out david.foley@acadiau.ca or michael.sutherland@acadiau.ca for more information.


Acadia Residence Hall Residence Representative

Some of the duties are to attend weekly meetings with the Residence Hall Association Executive and Residence Representatives; serve as a liaison between the RHA and your residence building; communicate with residence members to plan, and facilitate events, within and across residence communities; and guide and support students in residence.


Afterschool Program Instructors

Applications must be sent to the Town of Wolfville’s Afterschool recreational programs to children ages 5 to 12. These programs include Art, Nature, Sports & Games, and Trailblazers, an outdoors adventure program designed to teach children how to play in their natural environment.


Student Life Director

The job of the Student Life’s Director is done for purpose of providing support to VP Student

Life. The director will learn many things while volunteering with student leaders. They are

expected to take responsibility to keep the ASU running well while following fiscal practices

and legal guidelines. The responsibilities are described in the attached document.


Residence Hall Association Vice President

Some of the duties are to attend weekly meetings with the Residence Hall Association Executive and Residence Representatives; assist Residence Hall Association President in presiding over meetings of the Residence Hall Association; acting as President in the case that the RHA President is unavailable; guide and Support Residence Hall Association members, and take minutes in RHA General Body and Executive Board Meetings.


Residence Hall Association Treasurer

Duties include providing and presenting general financial oversight and information for the Residence Hall Association; attend weekly meetings with the Residence Hall Association Executive and Residence Representatives; manage Residence Hall Association budget; allocate funding to Residence Hall Association and representatives for events, and promotion, etc; among other duties


Residence Hall Association Communications Coordinator

Duties include communicating with relevant parties through different communication channels; manage the social media networks, the website and the calendar of the Association of Residences; attend weekly meetings with the Executive and Residence Representatives of the Residence Association; be the primary point of contact for official RHA email; write and develop media materials; and develop a communication strategy.


President's Director

The purpose of this position is to support the president of the Acadia Student Union. The president's director will learn many things while volunteering with student leaders. They are expected to take responsibility for helping the ASU function well. See the duties of the position described in the attached document.


Director for the Vice President Academic & External 

Duties include writing meeting agendas; take minutes of the meeting; proof reading projects proposals and work with the VP to ensure adequate student support for both the academic and external sides of the ASU.


Door Staff

Duties include checking ID’s at the door of the Axe Lounge or Students’ Centre events; responsible for crowd control, cleaning of the bar, and enforcement of Nova Scotia Liquor Control Act and ASU door policies. Assigning seats and ensuring wait staff are aware of new customers.


Deputy Chief Returning Officer

The SRC shall appoint a Deputy Chief Returning Officer no later than August 1 to serve a fixed term commencing on August 1 and continuing until the end of the following academic year.


Deputy Chairperson

The SRC shall appoint a Deputy Chairperson (the “Deputy Chair”) who shall be responsible for assisting the Chair with respect to the conduct of SRC meetings in accordance with the ASU Constitution, Bylaws, and SRC Procedural Policy.


Axe Bar & Grill Food Production Staff

Duties include all aspects of food production as it pertains to the flow of food through the kitchen. You will also be involved in the procurement of food supplies and the maintaining of a clean and safe work environment.


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Nova Scotia is host to a wide variety of jobs, and Acadia University is seated within the Annapolis Valley, a major agricultural hot-spot in Nova Scotia. Be sure to check out some of these postings if you're looking for employment and invaluable experiences!