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Health/Medical & Dental Plans

The ASU provides Health, Dental and Medical coverage to Acadia University students to support their health and wellness while studying. The ASU is able to provide robust coverage at student friendly prices to all students through the mandatory ASU Health, Dental and Medical plans.

Starting September 1st, the ASU has partnered with Student VIP to bring valuable health and dental services to students. We recognize some students may wish to opt out of the plan(s), so an opt-out period is available from August 16th – September 30th. However, any opt-out application submitted must accompany proof of comparable coverage at ASUsupports.ca.  The deadline to opt out is strictly enforced.


If you do not have alternate coverage, you will remain on the plan for the 2021-2022 academic year and able to enjoy the many benefits available to you. You can learn more about your great coverage here.


Have Questions About Your Benefits?

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