Health/Medical & Dental Plans

Student VIP, in partnership with the ASU, will be administering the ASU Health, Dental and International Medical Plans starting September 1, 2021.

Students will enjoy enhanced health care services through the Direct2U Health Hub, 24/7 mental

health support through I.M. Well and even a new student health benefits and safety app, My Peak.

Keep an eye out for your ASU Health Plan Welcome E-mail arriving after the opt-out period!


Find Tanya Comeau, our Student VIP Administrator, in The SUB or send email to

Visit VIP Student Website for more information                                 



Program Manager:                       

Student VIP

Insurance Company:                   

Medavie Blue Cross

ASU Domestic Health Policy #:    0099091000

ASU Dental Policy #:                     0099091000


ASU International Medical Plan Policy #:  



Certificate ID’s: Corresponds to your 7-digit Acadia Colleague ID Number  With "00" appearing before and after.

For example: 00######00

To find out how to locate your Colleague ID Number click HERE.

International Medical Plan Support for claims or coverage inquiries:                  

Redesigned Benefits Cards

Students can access their ASU Supports Health Plan Cards anytime through the My Peak mobile app.    (Use Code ASUHD / ASUINTL to register)

If I have my own insurance coverage, can I still opt-out of the plans?

If you have comparable coverage, you may submit an opt out application at prior to the opt out deadline and include proof of your alternate comparable coverage.    The opt out process must be completed easch year you are enrolled as a student.

International Medical Policies must meet specific criteria to opt-out of the Medical Plan as such please review the opt out requirements.

International students who receive MSI after the opt-out deadline are still eligible to opt-out and receive the benefit of being switched to the Domestic Health Plan ,at a lower rate, which supplements the basic health care provided by the province.

Is there a deadline to submit claims with the previous provider?

The deadline to submit claims to the previous provider of the ASU Canadian Health plan is November 30, 2021.  Claims for expenses incurred on the Canadian Health Plan before August 31, 2021 can be submitted to

The deadline to submit claims to the previous provider of the ASU Dental plan is November 30.  Claims for expenses incurred before August 31, 2021 can be submitted to

The deadline to submit claims to the previous provider of the ASU International Medical plan is 12 months from the date of service.  Claims for expenses incurred on the International Medical Plan before August 31, 2021 can be submitted by mail to Sun Life using the attached Claim Form.

Are there fee changes?

No, all health plan fees remain unchanged for the 2021-2022 academic policy year.

Single Domestic Health (Assumes you have a provincial health card) $231

Single International Medical (Assumes you DO NOT have a provincial health card): $775

Single Dental Plan: $165

Are there coverage changes?

ASU Health and Dental Plan: There are some new changes and additions to the ASU coverage!

  • The Drug policy maximum has been increased to $3,250

  • Drug coverage is now 90% at a Preferred Practitioner (Pharmasave/DrugSmart) and 70% at all other pharmacies

  • There is a $10.00 dispensing fee cap

  • Counselling coverage has increased to $100/visit up to $700 per benefit year

  • Services provided by Osteopaths, and Dietician or Nutritionists have now eligible for coverage!

  • Coverage for hearing aids has been increased to $750

  • Accidental Dental coverage has been increased to $2,000!

  • Students now have access up to 365 days of travel coverage!

International Medical Plan: Covers expenses related to COVID-19 such as medically required testing or hospitalization.

If an international student opts-out with provincial health care (MSI), they will have 31 days of travel coverage per trip through the new ASU Companion Plan!

Who do I contact for more intormation?

Click here to find out who to contact for more information.