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The Acadia Women’s Centre is a place where women (and men) can come and build new friendships as well as learn more about many different women’s issues from other Acadia students, many of whom share the same concerns and passion for positive change. The Women’s Centre brings together women, men, trans and intersex people of both the Acadia and Wolfville communities to support women and women’s issues. The Women’s Centre is a feminist organization run under the principles of support, inclusion, and respect of differences, which aims to raise awareness and provide event programming on the Acadia campus. Past initiatives of the Women’s Centre have included: pink ribbon campaign, healthy eating cookbooks, international performance artists, an all-female coffee house, a Montreal Massacre candlelight vigil, and the student production of the Vagina Monologues, as well as a fundraising open mic even for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. This year the Women’s Centre will be continuing many of these initiatives well as new and exciting projects such as an Empowered Women speaker series and more music and charity events on campus and in the community. The Centre is a positive space where women can come for support, guidance, or a friendly face. The office is available to anyone wishing to access any of these services or to just come and chat! The Women’s Centre holds weekly meetings, and everyone is welcome to attend.


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Acadia Pride is aimed at providing an outlet for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gendered, two-spirited, and queer (LGBT2IQ+) individuals, as well as friends, and allies.The group provides support for students, staff, and faculty dealing with issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Pride also aims to build a community within Acadia University, and promote its many goals including creating awareness of issues surrounding sexual orientation and promoting an open and safe atmosphere at Acadia University by breaking down the walls of homophobia,transphobia and other related issues. Throughout the year members have the opportunity to discuss and learn about new topics and take part in a variety of social activities.Weekly meetings are open for anyone to attend, as are the many social and awareness activities planned throughout the year. Acadia Pride in the past has held events such as Sex Toy Bingo, Sex/LGBT2IQ Trivia and Drag Shows! Acadia Pride looks forward to continuing similar programming and exploring other activities as requested by students. Acadia Pride is committed to moving forward to help create a campus and community environment of inclusion, support and equality.

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Peer Support Centre

Acadia Mental Health Initiative

The Acadia Mental Health Initiative seeks to promote mental wellness on campus through a combination of peer support and advocacy. AMHI offers support to individual students struggling with their mental health, and promotes equity and inclusion on campus as a whole through programming and advocacy.

The following are some examples of what the Acadia Mental Health Initiative has to offer:

  • Peer Support – The AMHI coordinator keeps a minimum of 3 office hours a week in the AMHI office (SUB, Room 504) during which time students are welcome to drop by for a listening ear and to learn more about the supports available to them.

  • Weekly Meetings – AMHI hosts weekly meetings where its membership meets to establish and work towards meeting the mission and goals of the organization.

  • Events and Programming – AMHI hosts events and programming throughout the year, most notably Mental Health Week and Chill Week which are held on a semesterly basis.

  • Education and Training – AMHI promotes mental health education and training opportunities, such as ASIST and safeTalk, with the intention of empowering students with knowledge about mental health and mental health crisis situations.

  • Mental Health Resources – AMHI seeks to promote mental health resources available on campus and in the community as well as facilitate conversation with both students and faculty about such resources. Many paper resources are available for student use in Peer Support Centre (SUB, Room 503).

  • The Acadia Mental Health Initiative is an organization run by students, for students. We want to hear from you about how you think Acadia Mental Health Initiative can make the biggest impact on campus this year. Please get in touch with Coordinator at with questions, comments and information on how to get involved.

If you would like to join the Acadia Mental Health Initiative membership mailing list, please send an email to

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