See you in The SUB!

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Acadia is home to nine different residence buildings across campus, all with independent spirits and communities.


The Residence Hall Association (RHA) seeks to bring people living on-campus at Acadia together to form a connected residence community. The RHA consists of an executive and residence representative for each building. The association meets to plan projects and ensure the wellbeing of all students living in residence. This model of student governance serves to engage and represent students living on-campus. The RHA does this through planning on-campus events, supporting on-campus students through funding for events, connections to support systems, and more!


If you are interested in joining the Residence Hall Association, have an idea for an event, or need support please contact the 2021/22 Residence Hall Association President, Quinn Woollven, at 159960w@acadiau.ca.


Welcome to the Barrax Battalion!

Barrax is a unique house located at the bottom of the Acadia hill. The house is filled with Spirit and a family vibe. Welcome Home! 


Welcome fellow Cutten Titans,

Cutten is a BIG, balanced and relaxed house that is amazingly diverse. It's unique layout and community vibe make for a fun and successful year. Welcome Home! 



Seminary is historical building where you just may find a ghost or two.  Here you will find a collection of eccentric individuals where the laughs and music are always flowing. Welcome Home! 

Chase Court

What's up, Chase Devils!

Chase Court is a fun-loving house located on its very own courtyard. A good mix of lower and upper-year students, this house is where friends become family. Welcome Home! 

Eaton - Christofor

What's up, EC Raiders!

Eaton and Christofor are well-rounded, identical buildings that make up half the quad.  Here you are welcomed with open arms to a house filled with tradition, diversity, and comradery. Eaton may be a bit rowdier than Chris but they are both excellent places to live. Welcome Home! 


Hey, Tower Rangers!

Tower, as you can tell by the name, is the tallest residence here on campus located on the top of the hill. With 13 floors you are bound to find your university crew and friends for life in this house! Welcome Home! 


Hey, Chipman Bulldogs!

Chipman House is a famous Acadia Residence located in the quad. The house is a great living space and place to build a strong community. Welcome Home! 


Hey, ROJO Royals!

Rojo is an upper year house that offers an on-campus experience.  Here you will find a great atmosphere for studying and socializing with others. Welcome Home! 


What's up, Tully Tamales!

Tully is our all female residence on campus. In this Acadia residence you will find a loving community filled with many great traditions. Welcome Home!