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See you in The SUB!


The ASU operates many services in the Students’ Union Building (SUB) that are designed specifically to suit student needs.  From our Campus Clothing Store, Cajun’s, to the Axe Bar & Grill and the Union Market – not to mention Perkin’s (best smoothies and subs for the best prices in Wolfville!) we make sure that our services give the students the opportunities and supports for a positive university experience as well as representing all Acadia Students on issues to the University Administration, Senate, and Board of Governors


Advocating for students through Students Nova Scotia (SNS) and Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) and on Town of Wolfville Committees

Acadia Students' Union offers health/medical and dental benefits tailor-made for our members. The Extended Health Plan is based on the premise that all full-time students at Acadia University require health coverage. This premise was reinforced when students voted in a referendum supporting the introduction of an extended health care program that would supplement, but not replace, the provincial health care plan. The ASU believes that the health plan provides affordable health insurance designed especially for students on fixed incomes. More information can be found here. 

Legal Aid 

Currently the ASU has been notified its legal counsel will not be able to support this service any longer. Please be advised the ASU is currently undergoing a search for a new legal aid advisor and this may result in a delay in our offering this service


The Grant Fund is available to all Acadia students to support their initiatives and the advancement of the larger student body. In order to better focus resources and support the Acadia Students' Union (you) we have made a Strategic Plan which draws on aims and goals set out by the Acadia Strategic Plan and the Maple League Vision. This is done through way of conditional financing and specific funds.


Founded in 2014, Axes in Action was created to support causes close to home, allowing students to get involved and make a real impact on the community around them. Axes in Action is the Acadia Students' Union charity organization that raises thousands of dollars annually for causes within the community. We are proud to support the S.M.I.L.E. Program, L'Arche Homefires Wolfville and the Acadia Food Cupboard.

Find employment opportunities on campus!

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