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We are a not-for-profit organization that provides services, events, societies and advocacy work, along with much more, for the students of Acadia University. The ASU is an organization led by students, for students with a story that has been shaped and crafted since 1967 by you, the students. That’s why we work every single day to support you in creating your story.

Welcome to 

Acadia Students’ Union   ASU

We host the best events on campus!

The Axe has been a beacon for fun times at Acadia for decades. Make sure to check out our event calendar and our socials for some sweet deals!

Pizza slice is $3.50 in The SUB!

At Ziggy’s we know how satisfying that warm cheesey slice can be after that exam, class presentation, or just a long day

Get your morning coffee with us

Perkins is the perfect spot to meet up with friends, chill, study, or have a group meeting. If you enjoy music, be sure to take in one of our open mic events.

Cajun's Acadia Gear is the place for you!

Looking for Acadia swag, then Cajun’s is your spot! We’ve been the top spot for Acadia gear, with the widest selection and best prices.

Best snacks & drinks on campus

The Union Market is a one-stop snack shop with a wide array of both traditional and hard-to-find treats.  We’re also the access point to mail services for on-campus students.  




ASU Latest News

Looking for Legal Aid?

Your I.M. Well program provides you and your family members with a free and confidential consultation in all areas of law (excluding labour law*).  Legal Advice can be obtained in-person or by telephone

Grad Ring Sale

It’s not too early to order your Grad Ring!  Orders can be placed at Herbin’s Jewellers on Main Street in Wolfville.  Cajun’s has ring samples available for viewing, and we also sell other jewelry as an alternative option if you don’t wish for a ring.

Get your ASU Mailbox

To receive any mail or packages on campus, you'll need to purchase an ASU mailbox (you can do it online). Once it’s purchased and we process the order, you will receive an email with your new mailing address and box number.

Health & Dental Insurance

To ensure our students have access to the Health & Wellness services they need, Acadia Student Union offers two different health plans through Student VIP: The ASU Health & Dental Benefits Plan and the ASU International Medical Plan.

Transformation Closet

This program offers free gender-affirming gear to folks across Nova Scotia. If you, or someone you know, would like to order a piece of gender-affirming gear please fill out this form

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