It is becoming clear to students that Acadia’s Senior Administration and Board have no real interest in democracy, and that the ASU is not willing to advocate for student interests in the face of these forces. In response, we propose this program:


1. Students must receive a substantial portion of their tuition from the Winter 2022 semester back, on account of the deterioration of our educational experience. The responsibility lies solely on the Administration to make these reparations, and international students and those with student loans must be prioritized.


2. BIPOC, LBGTQIA+, and other marginalized students must be the sole decision makers of all Student Union policy that pertains to them. “Consultation” is not enough: The ASU’s role must be to directly champion the demands of racialized and marginalized students.


3. The ASU must become fully democratized. This means that the workings of the ASU must be transparent to the student body. The unelected management within the ASU must be accountable to students. Budgeting should be participatory, meaning that ordinary students decide how the ASU spends money.


4. The Senior Administration and Board of Governors at Acadia are concerned primarily with making money, and do not have the best interests of students at heart. Rather than assuming a position of “neutrality”, the role of the ASU must be to defend the interests of students against the exploitative behaviour of the millionaires running our university.


5. The ASU must bring back the swag (yes, I mean this unironically) to this campus. Swag means more funding for more events. Swag means easily accessible funding for clubs, free of bureaucratic hassles. Maybe swag even means bringing back Cheaton Cup… Above all else, swag is nothing more than genuine student engagement.


My name is Max Abu-Laban, and I am running for President of the Acadia Students’ Union.

Max Abu-Laban for ASU President 2022/23