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New students

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Course Registration 2022/23
  • The detailed academic timetable is being finalized and will be available by the end of next week. An email confirming its availability will be sent out.

  • As there is often a rush in the first few hours after registration opens, you may experience delays or slower processing. Please be patient and note that registration will remain open until the add/drop date in September. You have plenty of time!

4th and 5th 

year students 

Registration opens on JUNE 15th at 8:30am

3rd year students

Registration opens on JUNE 16th at 8:30am

2nd year students

Registration opens on JUNE 17th at 8:30am

Graduate students, B.Ed students, EAP students, Axcess students and all non-undergraduate student

Registration opens on JUNE 20th at 8:30am

1st year students

You will receive detailed instructions and dates through email. Stay tuned!

Course registration will begin in June and will be staggered by class level in the following order: