Kids car demolition cartoon 2022

Racing 76 Played

Everyone who enjoys tuning in to watch races on beautiful asphalt tracks can't help but secretly wish they were a rally driver for a day so they could experience the thrill of pure speed and the rush of adrenaline afforded only to f1 racers. Think about the thoughts that go through their minds during an Indy car race or any other high-speed event. Instead of daydreaming, start "Real Speed" and enter the world of the world's best and fastest drivers as they race on the world's most stunning asphalt courses and, tragically, sometimes pay with their lives. If you think you have what it takes to compete in GT Motorsport, then this simulation of Grand Prix races is for you. Get some closure on a nagging question: do you have what it takes to win a world championship in asphalt rallying? Do it now!

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