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See you in The SUB!


Clubs and societies are an important part of the Acadia Students’ Union. Not only do they provide opportunities to meet people with similar interests, do exciting things, and socialize, but they also give students an opportunity to broaden their university experience and get involved. Acadia Students’ Union serves to coordinate, promote, and guide the activities of its student clubs. Because these groups are a vital aspect of the ASU, an important part of the Union’s responsibility lies in coordinating, helping with funding, and supporting the various organizations on campus. 

There are three designations of clubs and societies on camps: athletic, academic, and social. If you are renewing an athletic club, please visit the Club Sports page.

Creating a club is extremely easy, and comes with many benefits such as access to funding, booking space, and more! With over 65 clubs and societies, there is something for everyone! 

Club Perks 

At this point you may be wondering “why would I go through this process to create an official society”? 

Clubs at Acadia can get a variety of perks that un-ratified groups cannot. Ratification can allow you to: 

  • Use Acadia for your club name 

  • A mailbox at the Student Union (can be set up through the Building Services and Events Manager). Please note that any club that has not signed up for a mailbox is not permitted to send mail to the Student Union. Any mail sent to the building without a mailbox will be returned to sender without notice 

  • Option to book a table at the Bi-Annual Club Extravaganza 

  • Ability to apply to the student activities fund (some exceptions apply) 

  • The ability to be able to book space in the SUB 

  • The ability to be able to book space on campus 

  • The ability to book a club night at the Axe 

  • Discounts on catering through the ASU 

  • Coverage of your events under the ASU’s general liability insurance policy.  

Completed Club Ratification forms can be emailed to our Campus Engagement Manager, Hannah Hutchinson at

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