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Acadia Students Union

Axes in Action 

Founded in 2014, Axes in Action was created to support causes close to home, allowing students to get involved and make a real impact on the community around them. Axes in Action is the Acadia Students' Union charity organization that raises thousands of dollars annually for causes within the community. We are proud to support the S.M.I.L.E. Program, L'Arche Homefires Wolfville and the Acadia Food Cupboard.

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The Acadia S.M.I.L.E. (Sensory Motor Instructional Leadership Experience) Program is an innovative, academic-based, yet volunteer-driven program that provides persons with varying disabilities a unique physical activity experience in order to improve their total development as individuals. To achieve this goal, an individual education plan is developed for each of our participants that includes: water orientation; physical fitness activities to improve strength, endurance and flexibility; and perceptual motor programs to enhance development of body awareness, spatial awareness, temporal awareness and sport skills. All of this is done within a safe environment of play and fun in which Acadia University student-volunteers provide one-on-one instruction to our participants, and in the process, develop their own leadership skills.

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L'ARCHE Homefires was established in Wolfville in 1981, when John MacNeil, Keith Strong,  and Debra and Jeff Moore began to share life together.  What began with one family is now a thriving community serving people with disabilities in five homes, an independent Living Support Program, and three day programs.  Community members live together in mutually supportive relationships and are an active force in society, participating in every aspect of life - employment, local theatre, church, farmer's markets, service clubs and local politics.

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Acadia Food Cupbord

Developed as a way to fight food insecurities on campus, this Acadia Students' Union, student-led initiative provides emergency food and miscellaneous living supplies such as toilet paper and hygiene products to students. The room also provides nutritional information, dietary support, and budgeting tools to all students. The long-term objectives of the Food Cupboard include enhancing food literacy and nutrition on campus through the use of educational programming including community meals, organizing cooking classes, and hosting workshops.

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